Monday, October 13, 2008


Blog Concept
I try. I always try, the best way I can.
I fail. I fail because it is difficult to achieve what I imagine.
I know life is made of this - Try better. Fail Better.
You can only fail if you try!

In this blog I do not only intend to  show my imaginary world but also everybody else's attempts  to try and their failures. 
With this blog we want to create a collection of styles that are present in our daily life: we might not like them, we might not identify with them, but the aim here is to  recognize a style  or a trend, a way to  communicate with what we wear and our posture in the world.
What do people who have a style or who are concerned about creating a style, really wear? Is it really what we see in magazines? Yes, and no! One thing leads to another...
The important thing is that these photographs create a chain reaction defining new styles. Different styles. Always interesting.
It is up to our observer to  interpret, re-interpret, comment and appreciate. Reflect.  We hope this inspires and enriches people who work in the fashion and image industry. We hope it works as a way for people to observe other people with different styles .
We hope it helps people create new styles.
We also hope that it will help identify certain trends. This way we can interpret different personal styles through time. Their evolution. Their comebacks.

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